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departments are impeded by bureaucratic decisions or inertia in companies that have committed fraud may continue receiving taxpayer funds. in either case, untrustworthy contractors can continue profiting from government work responsible businesses may be denied opportunities. the cost to taxpayers climb.
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appreciate are concerned, consider these points, samplings of contingency contract data inn the federal procurement data system suggests that more than 90%, not 90%, more than 90% of contracts have not had required past performance data entered. the office of federal procurement policy and more than 75% of past performance reports that were made still lack adequate narratives on contractors cost control efforts. according to the project in government oversight, from 2007 through 2009, more than 200 department of defense contractors who incurred judgments are made settlements for fraud charges were awarded 280 billion in dod contracts. the commission has discussed this concern and our second report to convict released last thursday, that report titled at
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what cost correcting over reliance on and contingency operation, contains 32 what we consider recommendations for legislative and policy reforms to improve contingency contracting now and in the future. we encourage you to examine the report which is posted on the website in the at risk report contains six recommendations on today's hearing. they are numbers 20-25 in our report, recommendation 20, about contractors to respond to but not appeal agency performance assessment. recommendation 21, a line past performance assessments with time contractor proposals. recommendation 22, require agencies to certify used of the past performance database.
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recommendation 23, require a written rationale for not pursuing a proposed suspension or debarment. recommendation 24, increase use of suspensions and trans. and, finally, recommendation 25, revise regulations to lower procurement barriers contingency suspensions and debarments. these recommendations discussed more fully in our report are intended to pressure the past performance data are entered and used. and that suspension debarment that take place more effectively, that they take place more effectively, and that suspensions are applied automatically if a government contractor is indicted for procurement related crime. these are important matters. tools are no good if they are not used to and behaviors will not change if consequences never appear. today's hearing will add to our
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stock of information on these matters, which will continue -- which we will continue to receive commission of tension as we work toward our final report to congress in july. we have two panels of well-informed witnesses to help us. and the one has four witnesses. rear usaid. captain timothy harrington, u.s. navy commanding officer, naval sea logistics center, and scott amey, general counsel for project on government oversight. panel to have six witnesses. dan gordon, administrator, office of federal procurement policy, deputy director of contingency contract and acquisition policy defense

March 2, 2011 4:15am-4:45am EST

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